Monday, July 6, 2009

System Failure....

I keep imagining the sound you hear when your little guy dies on Mario Brothers (the original Nintendo, of course, because that is the last time I played a video game). Is that what it is like in Emmi's head?

We have been watching Emmi's left implant. After months of problems, a CT scan revealed a migration in the left electrode array. Emmi was still comprehending and responding even with only six electrodes. No one (me included) felt putting her through surgery under those conditions was the best idea.

However, over the past few weeks, there was a definite turn for the worst. Emmi's discrimination plummeted, her speech suddenly sounded "slurry," and then the pain kicked in. She could not wear the processor at all.

With all of these symptoms there is no other conclusion to draw other than the implant has shifted more. The surgeon decided a CT scan was unnecessary. We don't need that to tell us it isn't working. He will just move forward with surgery.

We met with the implant team this morning. Instead of the regular electrode array, they will re-implant with a medium array, a more compact array. It will still have 12 electrodes, they will just be closer together making the overall length of the electrode array shorter. Hopefully this will prevent future migration.

At this point in time, we are looking at July 20th. However, they are trying to get her in sooner. Insurance approval is done. Med-El approval is done. We just need OR time.