Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One more down.

Emmi is loosing another electrode. It is "high." Not too high to turn it off, but getting there. Progressing. Inching up each time. It looks like she will eventually loose it. There is already a short circuit between two electrodes. Another one was high at the last appointment, and had to be shut off. And? The full array is not inserted on that side. Although, there has been some confusion about that so far. Apparently that information was not passed on from the last audiologist. We are having to go back to the surgery notes. But I know what the doctor told me. We all remember. You can only loose five. Five and we go back in for surgery. It will have to be removed. She will have to be re-implanted. The one good thing is that her current audiologist has a new way of handling short circuits. Instead of shutting both off, he turns only one off. Then he boost the power to the other one. This whole problem is apparently rare. Her audiologist did say we were lucky to have Med-El. With the other brands when this happens failure is rapid and complete. It either works or doesn't he explained to me. I am sure there is a more technical explanation for that. But that is what I got. The whole thing makes me sick to think about. Not the surgery so much. But that part where I will have to make her go a whole month without her beloved left CI. It is her dominant side.


Karen said...

Here's a hug! Sending good wishes your way and hoping that the electrode works.

Anonymous said...

Oh that sucks. Maybe she'll get lucky like Ethan did.

At one point he had 4 or 5 electrodes totally shorting out and they were all turned off at some point or another. We met with a cochlear rep who did an integrity test to see if the whole device was in failure mode and it passed with flying colors. They had no idea what was going on and told us that whatever it was, it was so rare that less than 1% of users had a similar experience. Great, just what we want to hear. But within a few weeks all the electrodes were back in action and we've not had any trouble since and it has been over a year. Ethan wears Freedoms.

Good luck!

I am Trish Marie said...

Leave it to our kids to be less than 1%! I mean, why be ordinary!