Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Emmi Art

Emmi loves to draw. Long before she should have been able to make anything beyond a scribble, I was saying, "Is that a face? Did she draw a heart?" It was like when Jill started saying "hungry" at six months old, and I wasn't quite sure it wasn't just a grunt. Until several months later, she was not only clearly saying hungry, but several other words. Emmi's first drawings seemed to be flukes, until consistently, she was making drawing well beyond what she should be for her age. Four-year-olds typically draw things like this. What she lacks in physical and verbal skills, she must make up for in drawing (and handwriting....Jill, my sweet girl, your sister puts you to shame!).

And so I present, Turtle with Balloon.

What cracks me up the most about this one? I have no clue when she saw a turtle last. And? This took about three minutes.


Linda said...

That drawing makes me smile every time I see it. She conveyed such a happy, free feeling in that drawing. I began collecting your drawings, too, when you were about that age.


Sheri said...

Um, yeah. That is waaaaay beyond what Ava can draw. Of course, she couldn't paint her finger nails at 2yo like Emmi either. :P

I am Trish Marie said...

I really need to post "Angry Mouse." It really does look angry, and it apparently mad at Kenny.

Linda said...

I think I need to see "angry mouse," so please do post it! I'm laughing, thinking about it.