Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Palate Study

Emmi's palate study was today. I was really worried that she would not participate at all. She has had so many experiences lately where she has refused to even participate in the tests. Not today. Oh no. Today they had a microphone. And Emmi? She was "Hannah Mon-a-Montana." (As Emmi calls her.) She grabbed that microphone, jumped right up, and said everything she was supposed to. They were able to clearly see exactly what they needed to.

What did they see? Well, just what we already knew. Emmi needs surgery to repair her VPI. The good part is they were able to see her throat muscles, and can see that she will be a good candidate for the pharyngeal flap surgery. She will first need her tonsils out. Then, three months later, they can do the other surgery. She still needs to gain a few pounds. She needs to be 35 pounds for the surgery. I am going to be feeding her butter and cream for the next few weeks. We are supposed to see the doctor after the holidays. I need her to weigh 35 pounds by then!

So not one, but two more surgeries. Grrr.

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Linda said...

I'm so sorry about the confirmation of the need for these surgeries, even though you already knew they would be necessary. At least, after these, that will be two less surgeries she has to undergo in the future and maybe everyone will soon understand every word out of that bright child's mouth. We'll help however we can, but we of course wish none of you were going through this.