Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

I am not the only one that loves the start of school. Emmi, too, has been missing school. She asked daily throughout the summer for her teacher, by first and last name. She listed her friends' names constantly. Every yellow bus we saw was chased down. Meet the Teacher was THE MOST EXCITING TIME EVER! She giggled and skipped through the halls, bounding into her teacher's arms. Obviously, they mistreat her there. She definitely has no fun. Ha!

The first day, she was up and dressed two hours before school started. She had her backpack on. She was ready to go. But now, day three has set in, and she is tired. I am beginning to rethink this full-day thing. She comes home from school, curls up on the rug, and moves only to put on pajamas and go to bed. Tonight, she has dance class. I honestly, don't even know if she will make it through class. And? We took the week off of therapy. Starting next week, she will go to therapy two days a week BEFORE school. Well, actually a little bit into her school day, as she will go late to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am hoping that she will adjust. That her sleep schedule will rotate around. They were going to bed quite late during the summer. So maybe that will help. Perhaps, she will even start taking advantage of that nap time at school.... riiight.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We never found the coil. We took our dishwasher out. We removed the stove. We took out both the regular fridge and the wine fridge. I know it was lost in the kitchen. But we never could find it. We expanded the search just in case. Never found the thing. I called Med-El the following morning. My options were limited. I could make her wait until medicaid approved the payment of the coil (which they would, considering we hardly ever make claims on that policy) or pay out of pocket. There was no way I could make her go 30 days with the coil. Out of pocket was the only choice.

It arrived yesterday. Only then did I remember we also needed extra magnets for it. Now we have the coil, but the thing won't stay on her head!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just great.

Emmi is not exactly gentle with her processor for her cochlear implants. Try telling a four-year-old with the vocab and social development of a two-year-old to be careful because the things on her shoulder are several thousand dollars a piece. Sure there is accidental coverage, but it covers next to nothing. You get one replacement. Ever. For one part. So you can't waste it on let's say, the coil, because what happens when you loose the actual processor. The $500 coil will seem like small potatoes then. Problem is, the coil is a magnet. One that likes to get stuck to random objects. It won't be until I see Emmi streak by with a cable dangling behind her that I know there is a problem. You ask her where the missing piece is, and she will bring you things like books. Very helpful.

At 5:30 a coil went missing. Actually two of them. We found one within minutes. Three hours later, we still have not found the other. I have pretty much resolved that we will be buying a new one and having it over-nighted to us. Fantastic.