Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

I am not the only one that loves the start of school. Emmi, too, has been missing school. She asked daily throughout the summer for her teacher, by first and last name. She listed her friends' names constantly. Every yellow bus we saw was chased down. Meet the Teacher was THE MOST EXCITING TIME EVER! She giggled and skipped through the halls, bounding into her teacher's arms. Obviously, they mistreat her there. She definitely has no fun. Ha!

The first day, she was up and dressed two hours before school started. She had her backpack on. She was ready to go. But now, day three has set in, and she is tired. I am beginning to rethink this full-day thing. She comes home from school, curls up on the rug, and moves only to put on pajamas and go to bed. Tonight, she has dance class. I honestly, don't even know if she will make it through class. And? We took the week off of therapy. Starting next week, she will go to therapy two days a week BEFORE school. Well, actually a little bit into her school day, as she will go late to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am hoping that she will adjust. That her sleep schedule will rotate around. They were going to bed quite late during the summer. So maybe that will help. Perhaps, she will even start taking advantage of that nap time at school.... riiight.


Sheri said...

It is a rough transition to full day, especially the younger ones. Madison was in daycare and not napping prior, but it was still a big transtition. It wiped her out. We had her napping on weekends through first grade.

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar, E's been loving it to and whenever we leave the house he looks at me with the raised question eyebrows and signs school? I'm thinking of keep him there all day, his program goes until 3. He and one of his classmates come home at noon. I don't think he'd sleep there like the other kids and I don't know that they could keep from killing him since nap-time is their lunch-break.

Emmi's a doll-baby, I'll bet she looks so cute walking into school with her backpack!

I am Trish Marie said...

Emmi cracks me up with the backpack. This year, we managed to get a pretty little one from Children's Place, but it still looks HUGE on her. It comes down past her knees!