Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Emmi's therapist gives us homework each week. It used to be that we would work on the same thing for weeks before we noticed any progress. Now, Emmi is mastering each task within days. It is amazing the sudden jump in progress she is having. I know it goes in phases, and we will probably hit a slow down soon. Until then, I am ecstatic every time she gets something new.

Last week, we started working on more complex sentence structure. Thursday we were given the task of using "if" and "because" in speech as much as possible. Today in ST, she actually used "because." A month ago, she was capable of five word sentences, but mostly using three. Today, she said, "She cleaned her room, because it was dirty." Wow!

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Linda said...

I'm so impressed with her progress. When she was with us this weekend, the difference was readily apparent. I had actual conversations with her without having to call in Jill to interpret or without asking in sign language.