Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day of Summer School

Emmi started the summer school program today. She was beyond excited to get to see her teacher again. Two whole weeks without her! It has been like torture. But today was the day!

We are making some changes to her therapy schedule now, since the summer school program is shorter than a regular school day. Emmi usually attends private speech therapy twice a week in addition to the four - five (depending on the week) private sessions per week she receives at school. I didn't think missing several hours two days a week of the summer program would be a good idea. However, I did have to weigh in how missing therapy for several weeks would affect her overall progress. Emmi has made incredible gains. She is farther than she should be without surgical intervention. Quite frankly, everyone is a little baffled at how she produces some of the sounds she does with her soft palate cleft (VPI). Yet, everyday, her speech gets a little clearer. I don't want to backslide in one area at the sake of another. Yes, I want her as best prepared as possible for kindergarten, but I don't want all this time, effort and energy we have put in so far to go to waste. It was hard to decide what was best to do.

For now, we are dropping down to one day a week in the afternoon (maybe! We will find out tomorrow if we have the time slot). This will potentially be her new school schedule, too, if it works out without and backslide.


leah said...

Good luck with the summer schedule! I'm glad we're still under early intervention and don't have to worry about the summer schedule yet. It is great to hear that she's made a lot of progress!!!

Linda said...

I know Emmi must have been so happy to begin school again.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a tough time adjusting to Ethan's summer schedule, but he seems to be handling it well. I miss my free time! He's driving me NUTS!