Saturday, June 27, 2009

You kicked my kangaroo.

Emmi ran over to where I sat on the couch.

"Mommy, you liar!"

"Ems do you know what liar means?" Obviously, I wasn't a liar. I hadn't even talked to her in the last twenty minutes. Unless there was some past discretion she was coming to set straight.

She look at me for a moment before answering, "Pink!"

Um. Sure.

"Emmi, a liar is someone who does not tell the truth. Like this. The dog is blue. Emmi pinched me. Emmi hit me. That is my purse...." I list various lies for her. Some silly, some I have heard both her and Jill use.

"Okay, Ems. Your turn. Can you think of a lie?"

She pauses, thinking. "You kicked my kangaroo!"

Obviously, she has mastered lying.

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Linda said...

At least she's mastered the term! How funny.