Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This week has been rough. Emmi is always very affected by problems with her processor. She tends to take it out on her sister and the dogs. Jill is currently suffering from quite a few bruises as a result. One of these days, Jill might figure out that she is twice Emmi's size!

Emmi keeps asking me to change the batteries on the left processor. Unfortunately, that isn't going to solve the problem. It is the internal device that is bad. She is frustrated with me lack of response. She has taken it upon herself to change the batteries. When it doesn't solve the problem, she is angry. It is rough on her. Her language skills are getting so much better, but not yet good enough to explain what is going on. On either end. I have no idea what she is experiencing other than it must sound similar to how it sounds with low batteries, and she has no idea that it will soon be fixed. Add to that she just received the new OPUS processors which sound slightly different anyway, and you have one very irritated kiddo.

At least, school has started back today! She was very excited to see her teachers and friends. She loves school. She ran and jumped into her teacher's arms. She hugged her therapists. She ran, laughing to her friends. Maybe that will distract her a bit today from what is going on.... I hope!


Linda said...

Oh, it makes me so sad for her that she's going through this. It must be tough for you, too, Tricia, not to be able to fix this for her right away and to know she'll endure another surgery. You and she are much in my thoughts and prayers. And it sounds as if I better add Jill, too!

On another note, I'm still waiting for that promised video! You must wonder why I'm checking both sites so frequently.

I am Trish Marie said...

I was waiting on my other computer back. It takes forever to upload videos on this laptop. I am going to get my other computer up and running today.... then "It's a bear. It's scar-wy."

Ambulance Mommy said...

oooh, I'm sorry!!! To see the frustration in our kid's faces is the worst. I experience the worst of Ryan's frustration in the car. How can I sign to him in the car when I'm trying to drive?

Hoping Emmi's processor arrives soon, for her sake, yours and poor Jill too!