Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jill update.

Jill update:
I went expecting them to say, "Yep it's a migraine. Here is some medicine. Have a nice day." Instead he scratched his head. Pondered. And worried quite a lot about the insomnia coupled with the severe headache over the frontal lobe. The thing is. I don't. My mom. Not so good of sleeper. My sis. Night owl as they come. I think Jill is just following that pattern, but forced into a world of early mornings for school. It isn't her natural sleep pattern. It throws her off. And I think the headaches are just headaches. But the doc? He doesn't agree with me. He wants an MRI. He is really worried. So Jill will be having an MRI next week. In the meantime, they gave her lots of happy drugs to control the pain. At least they took that seriously. She did practically melt when he shined a bright light in her eye.

And...did I mention how much I LOVE Emmi's school? The district we are in is awesome. But even more so, the school we are zoned to rocks. I had to pick Emmi up early so that she could tag along for Jill's appointment. One of the therapists walked her to the front, so she could talk to me.

Emmi's left CI was signalling electrical interference yesterday. The school has testing equipment. No guess and check needed. They quickly discovered her coil was bad. And? Instead of Emmi going until this morning without a coil, they just loaned us one of theirs. That's right. They have extra parts.

What would have been a big ordeal with me picking Emmi up on the way to an appointment and finding out that we needed a new coil was a simple phone call. I was even told that if I filled out the authorization form, they could call the rep for me when needed from here on out. LOVE THEM. Seriously. I am googly-eyed, with heart bubbles popping around me. That kind of love.

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Sheri said...

I was just talking to a friend about how great your district is with deaf ed because her son is autistic and moved to KISD for their program. Glad they could be so helpful.